Email marketing has been around for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It has remained one of the best ways to market products and services to prospective buyers. I have listed the best email marketing tips, that will help you to convert you are marketing campaign offers unto sales.

Don’t Buy Email Lists, Build your Own

The best thing that you can do to get an email list to send your messages and offers to, is to build your own list. This is an extremely important step that will ensure that you are sending emails to people that have opted in to receive emails from you. When people want your emails, your chances of ultimately converting your offers will increase dramatically.

When you think about all of the unwanted emails that you get and you don’t remember signing up for, the first thing that you will do is to unsubscribe and trash the emails. The last thing on my mind would be to entertain these unwanted emails and offers.

In essence, buying an email list is essentially a waste of time. Yeah you will have a list of people to email your offers to, but if they are’not interested in what you’re offering it becomes a complete waste of time and funds.

Keep Your Audience In Mind

Whenever you are involved in email marketing, it is of the upmost importance to keep your audience in mind. Whenever you are developing your email messages and offers, the key to your success is to know the type of people that you are emailing. This is important, because what you could market to one group of people, you surely couldn’t do it to another group.

You have to understand your audience, and email messages and offers that is relative to what they are in the market for. For instance if you are marketing weight loss products, it wouldn’t be wise to market fast food to them, because you definitely wouldn’t be getting any sales.

So as you can see, understanding your audience is critical to your success email marketing. Truth be told, the content and offers of your emails are going to be centered around your audience. When you understand your audience, you truly understand your market, and when you understand your market, you’ll know which products and services that is the best fit to offer.

Follow The Laws of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

It is important that you follow the laws of the CAN-SPAM ACT. This act was instituted to regulate the practices of commercial emailers. This act outlines what is lawful and what is unlawful when it comes to email marketing. If a business is found guilty of breaking the Laws of the CAN-SPAM Act, they could be fined a hefty amount for each email where the law was broke.

Although it can be rather costly when breaking the CAN-SPAM ACT laws, the laws in themselves are not hard to follow. The main things that you should do to ensure that you re in compliance with the law is to:

  1. Not use misleading or false accusations in your email headers.
  2. Not use subject line that are deceptive and deceitful.
  3. Make the reader aware that the email is an Ad.
  4. Let the recipients know where you reside or conduct business, whether that be a home address or post office box. There has to be a physical address listed.
  5. Give the recipients the option to stop receiving email messages, offers and promotions from you (opt-out).
  6. Respect people’s decision to opt-out of receiving emails from you immediately.
  7. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf.

If you follow these laws, it will definitely pay off.

Be Active and Consistent With Sending Emails

You should always remain active and consistent when sending emails to your recipients. When you are active, recipients will start to look forward to your messages. The only thing about those expectations is that if you start to fizzle off and become lethargic in sending your messages consistently, people will start to unsubscribe from you quick fast and in a hurry.

When you are consistent with your emails, it will help with how you are perceived by your recipients. By being consistent with sending your emails it shows how professional that you are and it legitimizes you as someone who isn’t just trying to stuff articles, but are genuinely here to help people to find the best products for their situation.

Build Rapport With Your Email Recipients

It is critical for any email marketer to build rapport with their email recipients. This tip should never go unnoticed, as an email marketer you must always strive to build a relationship with your email recipients. People will buy much faster from you when they know and trust you.

Be mindful to not just send emails out that’s always advertising and promoting offers. It is of the upmost importance that an email marketer messages their subscribers with emails that don’t contain advertisements. By doing this it will cause people to respect and appreciate you just that more

Have A Routine

I cannot stress the importance of having a routine. When you have a routine, it will help you to stay on task and get things done. You have to have a routine if you desire to be effective and efficient with email market. If you have an auto responder, you should check it daily to see who have messaged you and the auto responses that have been sent out on your behalf.

By checking your email daily, it will allow you to see messages that have been sent to you. It also allows you to see questions that’s been asked timely, thus enabling you to respond timely. This will only enhance the experience that your email recipients will be experiencing, which will increase your chance of making a sale with them.


Email marketing is cheap, inexpensive, and easy to implement. Many people email because of the price and how quick that you can deliver someone a message. The cost-effectiveness of emails has eradicated many of the paper bills. These six tips that I have listed is going to be your key to success with email marketing.

Good luck! If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments below!