There is a plethora of opportunities to make money online, you could write content for a businesses websites, be an affiliate and market someone else’s products and services; however, regardless of the avenue that you choose to make money online, it’s going to involve search engine optimization (seo) in some type of capacity.

I decided to do the Jaaxy keyword research tool review to inform and help people find one of the best tools for achieving that critical search engine optimization that’s essential to any internet marketer, especially those that can’t really afford a lot of paid advertisement.

How I found out about Jaaxy

I found out about Jaaxy after I joined the Wealthy Affiliate online marketing training platform. I was introduced to Jaaxy shortly after starting the Online Entrepreneur Certification training. Learning about the Jaaxy keyword research tool was a big eye-opener for me and truly essential to me researching, finding, and understanding keyword’s importance in search engine optimization and essentially getting more traffic to my website.


The Jaaxy Keyword research tool is all about finding keyword’s, and not just simply keyword’s but competitive ones that will significantly increase your chance of getting ranked in search engines. With an increase in your chance to get more traffic, will essentially mean an increase in the revenue possibility.

This tool is truly a one stop shop for keyword research. It is a tool of great value for anyone interested or involved in internet marketing. Jaaxy also has a feature that allows anyone to get a free keyword search with up to 30 results for free.



In order to achieve search engine optimization quicker and easier, it’s important that you find keyword’s with low competition better known to many as low hanging fruit. The low hanging fruit keyword’s generally gets less traffic but are more abundant than the keyword’s that gets a lot of traffic and have more people competing for that top spot.

The keyword’s that have less traffic but are more plenteous, are easier to get ranked in the search engines because of the lack of people competing. Jaaxy will enable you to be able to search and find keyword’s and phrases that are relevant to your niche.

Jaaxy will let you see roughly how many times that the keyword or phrase is searched on average within a 30-day period.

Jaaxy also let you see how much traffic that you could expect per month if you achieve first page rankings in the Big 3 (Google, Bing, & Yahoo).

Jaaxy has a quoted search results indicator that shows how many ranked websites(competition) in Google that are using that keyword or phrase.

Jaaxy has a Keyword Quality Indicator that allows you to see a color coded indicator of the quality of the keyword, ranging from green=great, yellow=normal, red=poor.

Jaaxy also has a SEO score ranging from 1 to 100 (with the higher being the better) listed for each keyword or phrase that’s based on traffic and competition that shows the likelihood of you achieving first page rankings.

Jaaxy also has a domain search option where you can research domain names to see their availability, it will show whether all three of the major domains of .com, .org, .net is available for purchase.

If the domain name is unavailable in the .com, .org., or .net form, then you can click on the find more link up under the domain indicator column and it will show you related alternatives of the domain name that you searched for.

A good rule of thumb and recipe for success when using Jaaxy to find keyword phrases, is to find ones that have at least 30 for average traffic per month, under 100 competition posts/pages(QSR), and use keyword phrases that makes sense and are grammatically correct

Alphabet Soup

The Alphabet Soup of Jaaxy helps you to find keyword phrases, by entering your keyword while the alphabet soup generates different keyword phrases centered around the keyword you entered. It also allows you to view keyword phrases that’s associated with each letter in the alphabet from a to z as well as a few numbers from 1 to 5.

You can search on those listed phrases in the alphabet soup, to generate keyword phrases relative to those specific phrases. The alphabet soup provides you with so many keyword phrases that it makes it nearly impossible to not find some of that low hanging fruit (good traffic & low competition keyword’s). This would definitely be beneficial if your trying to narrow down your keyword phrase and find some of that low hanging fruit.

Saved Lists

This allows you to save keyword phrases into lists. This offer a convenience that will surely aid you in becoming more efficient, You could save a list for different topics or different websites. This also eliminates time from having to write down keyword phrases to keep from forgetting them, all you have to do is create a list and add them to it. They will always be their for you to come back to them at a later date.

Search History

Search History helps you to keep an archive of all of your past searches, which comes in handy when you forget to add a keyword phrase to a saved list. With the search history you can always go back and see your past searches. The search history pretty much eliminates the chance of you searching for a keyword phrase and loosing it because you failed to write it down.

Search Analysis

Search analysis allows you to search and see what top websites are listed on each one of the Big 3 search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). You can even look in the details and find the word count, how many links(internal & external) that’s on the page, how many number of sites(back links) that link back to the website, alexa rank, and whether their are any ad sense ads on the page.

Affiliate Programs

Jaaxy allows you to be able to search for affiliate programs that is related to your niche. It allows you to search 4 of the major affiliate programs network(commission junction, linkshare, digital river, click bank) for an affiliate program that’s suitable for your niche.

It lists the name of the affiliate program, product website, commission to be earned details, the Alexa traffic ranking with the lower=the better, and the affiliate network that it’s a part of.


The brainstorm feature allows you to see the top ranked keyword’s from the feeds of Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends. You can enter a brainstorm idea keyword and save it in the queue.

Site Rank

The Site Rank feature allows you to be able to search for the rankings of keyword’s for your website. You are also able to set auto scans which will allow your listed keyword’s to be automatically scanned as frequently as daily, twice a week, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program

This feature provides you with your own unique affiliate link for their affiliate program that you are automatically enrolled in when you become a member. It shows you how much money that you will make for each referral. This allows you to be able to have a residual income because you are paid that commission monthly or yearly as long as your referral’s membership is active.

Jaaxy Help

This feature provides you with 3 videos to walk you through Jaaxy”s Keyword & Management, Website Research & Analysis, and Niche Research Refinement. You are also given three downloadable bonus pdfs of 1,000 hand-picked keyword’s that are set-up for SEO success, a handbook for Niche Research, and a Domains Industry Secrets PDF on flipping domains for a higher price after buying them for the low.


Jaaxy is a tool that can be extremely critical and beneficial to your online business venture. The research phase of creating your content will be a lot easier when utilizing a tool like Jaaxy.

I believe this is a great tool and I have truly enjoyed utilizing it. In fact, I enjoyed the edition that came with my Wealthy Affiliate membership(Lite Edition), that I upgraded to the Pro edition shortly after. I would recommend this product to anyone.

*Rating= 5.0 out of 5.0